Nobles Engineering Solutions - Services

What We Do
Nobles is a service provider to many industries including Telecommunications, Printing, Lighting, Playground equipment, Engine manufacture, Food and Food preparation, Refrigeration and Car Components to name but a few.All of these industries require Sheet Metal Components in order to function.  Many of our customers are local within the Northamptonshire area and prefer to use local suppliers for convenience. We also cover the whole of the UK and export to Europe and China.

Nobles has an extremely good reputation for quality and service to all its customers and this we want to continue and expand.  There are currently two areas of business on which Nobles focuses and these are Sub Contract Sheet Metal Work and Dust & Fume Extraction.The Sub Contract Sheet Metal side of our business is a service that is offered using the latest CNC machines in Laser Cutting, Combination Punch Laser, Punching, Folding and Welding. This side of the business will continue to expand and grow as we continue to work with both new and existing customers. The product range is diverse, including Electrical Cabinets, Door and Window Furniture, Machine and Engine Guards, Children’s Slides, Tanks, and Hoppers, Disc Brakes and Brackets for the motor industry.

We also design products using the latest 3D Solidworks software enabling us to quickly and efficiently take a concept and create a working part.

Certified to ISO9001, full barcoding production control allows complete traceability and capacity planning.

The Dust & Fume Extraction is a complete solution service to any industry that requires extraction.  This includes a comprehensive design, manufacture and installation package, including site survey and project management with responsibility for electrical and building services if required.  The latest CAD-CAM systems are used in design and manufacture and all work conforms to the latest Health & Safety and COSHH regulations.  Typical applications include the Boot & Shoe Industry (Fine dust from buffing and scouring machines, solvent fume from solutionary soles and uppers), Printing fume in ink manufacture and print process, Plastics, Fumes from moulding machines, conveying waste and regrinding, and the handling of powders.

Environmental Air Control
Nobles has gained over 50 years experience in the safe removal of airborne pollutants and contaminants affecting the working environment within industry.
Our operations include dust removal, filtration and collection of fine dust, fume and smoke removal, warm air heating, ventilation and air conditioning. We offer a complete design, manufacture and installation package including site survey and project management with responsibility for electrical and building services etc if required.  The latest CAD-CAM systems are used in design and manufacture and all work conforms to the latest Health & Safety and COSHH regulations.

Some Typical Applications Include:
Boot and Shoe Industry
Fine dust from buffing and scouring machines, solvent fumes from adhesive application and spray booths.
Solvent fume in ink manufacture and print process
Fumes from moulding machines. 
Conveying waste-regrinding and handling of powders
Extraction from cooking range and treatment of fumes with grease filters and/or filters
Collection and filtration of fine dust and shavings
Extraction of solvents and explosive gases
Flour Mills
Fine dust from grinding and weighing machines - sack tipping. Steam removal
Warm air heating
Air conditioning and fume cabinets
Vehicle Refinishers
Spray boothsTanneriesSpray booths- Drying cabinets.  Warm air heat recovery

Capacity List
Metalsoft Fabriwin

Amada CNC Guillotine 4 Meters x 8mm Capacity
Kingsland Hydraulic Iron Worker
Circular Saws
Kaltenback hydraulic saw

Punching / Laser
Amada Apellio II 357 CNC Combination Punch Laser 30 ton, 1.5kw Laser
Amada Vipros 357 CNC Punch Press – 30 ton
Nisshinbo HIQ 1250 CNC punch press – 30 ton
Pierce – All 3025 manual punch press 25 ton with NC stops
Six Pilot hydraulic presses 30 ton
100 ton Hydraulic Press
75 ton mechanical press
40 ton mechanical press
FIM Notcher Kingsland Notcher/Punch

Grindmaster MCSB-600 Vertical Belt Linisher

Amada HFE 100 ton x 3 Meter 7 Axis CNC Press Brake
Nisshinbo 125 ton x 3 Meter CNC Press Brake
Promecam 100 ton x 3 Meter Hydraulic Press Brake with NC control
Promecam 25 ton x 1.2 Meter Hydraulic Press Brake with NC Control
Promecam 35 ton x 2.5m Hydraulic Press Brake with Redman punches and tableFitting
Pemserter Series 4 NC Inserting Machine
Thin Sheet Fastner Guns


Edwards electrical pyramid rolls 1.25, x 3mm
Buxton electrical pinch rolls 2mm x 6mm
Frost electrical pinch 1.25m 3mm  

TIG Welders 440 ampMIG Welder 300 amp/200ampElectrical ARC 350 amp sets
Oxy-Acetylene sets
Spot welders

Powder coating
Stove enamelling
Electrostatic plating (zinc chrome. Etc)
Hot dip galvanising

7.5 Ton Mercedes Atego Curtainsider Lorry
3 Ton LDV Open Back Truck